Creating as a means of Communication.

While striving to develop as an artist, it is very common to forget that creating art is practicing communication. Whether your message is intentional or not, every image or film will illicit a response from the viewer. 

You, as a creative, have the opportunity to use your abilities to communicate messages that positively impact our world. It might not always seem glamorous, or your ideal work, but as a freelancer every opportunity to create is a chance to practice your communication skills through what you make. We attempt to use every opportunity as a chance to impact for good. 

Our production team decided to share with you one of our less "glamorous" projects, but a project that we were still able to pour our hearts into so that we could practice using our talents to invest in a great cause. 

Why Working with Honor is Different

Interviews are powerful tools in sharing a brands message. Sitting down and having a conversation with people who have first hand experience with the brand and their product will allow you to uncover the heart aspects that others will connect with. Don't underestimate the power of testimonials, or the stories that you may uncover that will inspire you to pivot in how you are executing your project. 

The Houstons

This is a great example of how powerful a personal testimony can be. In this case we worked with Honor who provides in-home senior care that helps older adults continue to live well and independently at home. The most powerful aspect of these pieces are the genuine opinions of real clients. Rather than taking a conventional "ad" approach and creating assets of models, we utilized the power of an interview so that future clients are able to have confidence that contacting Honor is a smart decision. 

So end note: creating honest communications also leads to effective results for your client! Don't forget that your role as an artist and the things that you create are IMPORTANT to our world. 


Pastra Studios: Video Vignette

Our production team partnered up with Chevrolet to feature makers & creators. Meet our friends Kate & Julian of Pastrana Studios. We love how easily the passion of production leads to collaborating with other passionate creators.

For photo and film enthusiasts, one of the easiest ways to grow in your craft is to promote the other creatives around you by creating feature content of them! 

We loved spending the day with Kate & Julian. Hope you enjoy this recap of our time with them! 

Eiwil: Video Vignette

Eiwil - Enjoy It While It Lasts

Justin Stackiewitz, founder of Eiwil, invited our production team to capture the energy and excitement around the official pre-launch product photoshoot.

The camaraderie among the models, stylists, and makeup artists was palpable and created an inspiring environment to create in.

As social-impact-conscious storytellers, seeing not just an organization who wants to use their product, resources, and platform as a vessel for facilitating good in the world, but also a group of talented people also rallying around the cause made this day inspiring and unforgettable for everyone involved.

We are rooting for the success of Eiwil, and can't wait to see how the public responds to this amazing company.